A more natural & caring approach to life. Breathe free of toxins and live as Mother Nature intended.


    Gentle, relaxing, safe and exotic.


    Rejuvenate your body, refresh the soul


Live a life free of toxins, celebrate purity as a way of life!

Our search for products which were essentially non-carcinogenic, free from Parabens, formaldehydes and sulphates, led us to create Soap Opera, a non-toxic range of luxurious bathing soaps.

Soap Opera products are completely safe, contain natural moisturizers and essential oil based
fragrances, not tested on animals and do not include animal derived ingredients.

Our Non-Toxic soaps are olive oil/butter based & are manufactured using the Triple Milled Cold Pressed technique that retains the natural moisture of the soaps & increases shelf life.

The Glycerine soaps are 100% handmade with super hydrating glycerine as the base. They provide great moisturisation to the skin & are great for gifting!


Our products are non-toxic and completely safe for use. These are not tested on animals and do not include animal derived ingredients.

Sulphates are chemicals used to create lather. These are harsh on skin and can cause skin and eye irritation.

Carcinogen is a property of chemicals that can lead to cancer. Our products do not contain chemicals with active carcinogens.

Parabens are preservatives that are reputed to be carcinogenic (cancer causing). Prolonged exposure can cause irritation, cough, headache and nausea. Harmful for babies and lactating mothers.





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